Indoor Lighting Costs

4 Tips for Reducing Your Business’ Indoor Lighting Costs

Running a successful business, no matter where you are located, includes finding ways to keep your overhead costs down. You probably know the basics of cutting costs, but have you thought about your office’s lighting? A few simple tweaks can save you money!

1. Take Advantage of the Sun

Use natural light whenever possible. If your offices have windows, take advantage of them! Not only will you save money by using less electricity during the day, but natural sunlight does wonders for energy levels, which will keep you and your co-workers or employees motivated.

2. Turn Lights Off When Not in Use

Just as your parents probably ingrained this in your head a child, so should you ingrain it in the heads of your employees. If nobody is using a particular area of the building, turn the lights off. If you worry about safety, you could always set them up with motion sensors so that the electricity is only in use if someone is actually in the area.

3. Upgrade Your Bulbs

If your building is still using incandescent bulbs, get rid of them! Compact fluorescent bulbs use 75% less energy, which will translate to big savings on your electric bill.

4. Replace Your Entire System

If your building still has the same lighting system it was built with, it likely needs replacing. Lighting systems installed before 2006 do not use any of the latest and greatest technology, which means they’re energy sucks. Even your “EXIT” signs could be sucking up energy, not to mention dollars out of your bank account!

With just a few tweaks, many of which cost little to no money upfront, you could be saving big on your lighting bills and keeping money in your pocket!

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